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Arrival in Bodrum

Because of my new finnish friends around the world, and all other people who are not as fluent in the complicated danish language, I have decided to start writing in English, so everybody will understand. Anyway, I have now arrived in Bodrum, Turkey, a city which is highly different than Sharm El Sheikh! First of all it is a real city, and not just a place built for tourism. The city has of course grown to fit all the tourists, but it is still an unspoiled paradise, both for tourists and Turkish alike. Second of all, in Sharm it was fairly easy to find your way around since there were only one big road that connected all the town centres. Here it is much more complicated, with small turning streets. Actually I don’t live in the city of Bodrum, but the neighbouring city of Gümbet. The two cities has almost grown together, and the famous bar street is actually in Gümbet only around 5 minutes walking from my new home.

And yes, now I have to start getting used to use my legs again, something I have not done for about 7 months now! The office is only 10 minutes away by foot, but that is only if you find your way around. Today it took me half an hour to get home because I got lost on the way and walked too far. All the houses here are painted white because of city law, which makes it quite hard to distinguish everything.

To be honest, it is actually weird being here. This summer season is something I have been looking forward to since the end of January, but now when I am here, everything is so new and confusing that I actually miss Sharm El Sheikh. The start here has been very direct, with 4 hours of sleep (I arrived at like 1:00 in the night), and then up to study our most challenging excursion of Efesos, a city I will wait to describe in another post. When you know that you actually have to do this excursion by yourself in 3-4 weeks, then you are trying to listen and learn as much as possible, a task that is confusing enough without the lack of sleep. Anyway it was a very exciting trip, and I am really looking forward to do it myself, and put my own things into it. This is also both the challenging and cool thing about Bodrum. Since this is just the second season that we are here, then there is not a whole library of information and awesome compendiums like we had in Egypt, but we have to find it ourselves. This makes it very challenging, but also it gives the opportunity to create the excursions the way we want it!

The team here is very good though, for those two days I have known them. We are only supposed to be 8 people, and then the Blue Village team which is considerably bigger than our team. Right now we are still missing 3 people, and the 5 of us who are already here, are getting along very well, and sometimes it feels like I have known them for ages, which is awesome! Hopefully it will stay that way, and then I think we will have the most awesome team in the Blue World.

This was just a little about how it is here. There is so many different feeling going around me now, since everything is just so new, and I can just say, it will be so nice once I get familiar with this place, so I can start to feel more at home here.

Pictures will also come very soon!

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